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Join us for the pre-launch of Marshall Pictures Art Store
First drop: ‘The Society of Fantastic Beasts.’
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  • 1st October 2023
    9:00am - 11:59pm



When: Register for early access – Sunday 1st October 2023
Where: Online – you will receive a link to a virtual gallery experience.

Step into a world where art, tech, and photography unite. “The Society of Fantastic Beasts” is more than stunning animal prints; it’s a call to support our animal friends and preserve their natural habitats.

“The Society of Fantastic Beasts” is a whimsical showcase of six rare creatures in human clothes. Each piece is a fusion of digital art, artificial intelligence, and photography.

By acquiring a limited-edition print from this collection, you’re not only owning or gifting a unique piece of art but also championing animal welfare. Moreover, part of your purchase goes to noble causes like the Durrell Conservation Trust. Let’s embrace art and create change together!

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