IoT Lantern Workshop

  • 5th February 2019
    10:00am - 7:30pm


Digital Jersey Xchange, South Xchange, Red Houses, Route Orange, St Brelade

Digital Jersey Xchange in St Brelade is Digital Jersey’s brand new dedicated technology space and research centre where the Internet of Things comes to life.

Our very first event is for beginners who are eager to learn more about the possibilities of IoT in a hands-on way. We have designed a small, practical project that will gently introduce the component pieces of an Internet of Things application, using real-time data to convey information using light.

As the day of our workshops is also the day of the Chinese New Year, you’ll be making your very own lantern which will light up to notify you when you receive an email, tweet or even if the weather changes!

James Medd from Barclays Eagle Labs will guide you through the workshop which is limited to 10 people to offer maximum teaching surface.

A new year, a new base for all things IoT in Jersey, and a chance for you to learn a new skill. We look forward to seeing you there.


You can register here:

10:00 session

13:30 session

17:30 session

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