Dr. Eve Poole, an authority in leadership and innovation, will challenge conventional thinking on AI and the human element.

  • 16th April 2024
    4:00pm - 6:00pm


Prosperity 24/7, Castle Quay

Join us for an enlightening evening with Dr. Eve Poole as she delves into the fascinating intersection of artificial intelligence (AI), biomimicry, and leadership in her talk titled “Robot Souls”.

Event Details
Title: Robot Souls

Date: Tuesday, 16 April 2024

Time: 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Location: Prosperity 24/7, Castle Quay, Unit 3 & 4 Millais House, Rue de L’etau, JE2 3EG

About the Event
In an era where AI transitions from the realms of Science Fiction to Science Fact, questions arise: Have we truly grasped the fundamental design principles underlying AI? While biomimicry has driven much innovation in science, medicine, and technology by emulating nature, our attempts to replicate human intelligence in AI reveal glaring gaps.

Dr. Poole will unravel the value hidden within what’s often dismissed as ‘junk code’ in our AI endeavors. By exploring these neglected aspects, she’ll shed light on the essence of human cognition and its implications for the future of technology and leadership.

This thought-provoking talk will challenge conventional notions of AI while providing insights into how leaders can navigate the evolving landscape of work in an AI-dominated world.

Speaker Profile
Dr. Eve Poole is a renowned expert in leadership and ethics, with a passion for exploring the intersection of technology and humanity. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the discussion, promising an engaging and thought-provoking evening.

Event Highlights

  • Gain insights into the underlying design principles of AI.

  • Explore the significance of ‘junk code’ in understanding human intelligence.

  • Reflect on the implications of AI advancements for leadership in the workplace.

Event Sponsor
Prosperity 24/7 is kindly sponsoring this event, and we are excited to host you at their incredible event space at their office.

This event will be raising money for Jersey Hospice.

Each ticket includes a copy of Dr. Eve Poole’s latest book, “Robot Souls.” We have got this book at a bargain price for you!

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into the future of AI and leadership while supporting a worthy cause and receiving a copy of Dr. Eve Poole’s book.

General Admission – £37.00 +Booking Fee
Student & Charity Ticket – £27.50 +Booking Fee
Group of Ten – £275.00 +Booking Fee

Grab your tickets now and join us on 16 April 2024. See you there!

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