Smart Island

Jersey is a Smart Island. Follow Gary Burgess as he tours the island shining a light on the smart and connected infrastructure.

Joel Mills, Augment City CEO, then leads us through a morning looking at Smart City Digital Twins, including a ‘Fly through’ of the Jersey simulator, with a dive into the growth of shared electric bikes. As well, we will hear from the Ports of Jersey and Government of Jersey as to the value and strategic importance of data collection and digital twins.

  • 23rd October 2020
    9:00am - 11:00am


Online Event


9.00 Jersey’s smart and connected infrastructure – Gary Burgess

9.15 How Digital Twins are revolutionising Smart Sustainable Cities of the Future – Joel Mills, CEO Augment City

9.45 A fly through of the Jersey Graphical Digital Twin and deep dive into the EVie Electric Bike sharing scheme Joel Mills, CEO Augment City

10.00 How can we use IoT and Telecoms infrastructure for Data collection – Jon Collinson, Head of Product, JT

10.15 How Digital Twins can transform Public Policy development and Citizen Engagement Steve Skelton, Director of Strategy and Innovation, Government of Jersey

10.40 How data is driving Strategic Infrastructure Planning Steve Tanner, COO Ports of Jersey

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