Web3 for businesses: Explore the exciting world of Web 3.0

Join us for a lunch and learn workshop on the fundamentals of Web3 delivered by Andrew Jarrett, Chief Executive Officer at Radix Tokens.

  • 15th February 2023
    12:00pm - 2:00pm


Digital Jersey Hub

The crypto industry is growing fast, with different sectors: Decentralized Finance, NFTs and Big Data — similar to the SaaS industry. Emerging use cases of blockchains may disrupt and expand business models in financial services, eCommerce, art, music, and more.

We are still in the early innings of this innovation, created by just 0.06% of the world’s developers. This course lays out the risks, issues, and potential solutions to bring Web 3 to billions of people.

Join us for a workshop that will take you through the fundamentals of what Cryptocurrency is, a breakdown of Web3 and how it’s working with DeFi to change the face of industries through the use of tokens, NFT, and wallets.

Gain clarity on regulations and risks, and examine Web3’s future. 

  • What is Crypto, Web3, and DeFi?
  • Tokens, NFTs, Wallet,.. explained
  • Regulations and risks for Web3 businesses
  • Companies entering web3: from Adidas to Starbucks
  • Why is not everyone using web3 today
  • The future of web3 for businesses
  • A word about Radix

Light lunch refreshments will be provided. Length: 2 hour including 30 minutes Q&A

About Radix:

With a mission to provide DeFi builders with everything they need to obsolete traditional finance, Radix offers the world’s only decentralised network that lets developers build quickly and securely, rewards everyone who makes it better, and scales without friction.


About the speaker: Andrew Jarrett, Chief Executive Officer

CEO Radix Tokens (Jersey) Ltd responsible for supporting the development and promotion of the Radix ledger. Also, on the board of Instabridge an Exchange focused on bridging assets on to the Radix ledger and Instapass a Web 3.0 KYC AML business providing compliance functionality for dApps in the Radix ecosystem. Involved in the crypto world from 2014, and responsible for driving the crypto currency legislation in Jersey in 2015.

Company information:

Radix LinkedIn

Radix Website



Following this course, we will circulate a survey for feedback on whether future Blockchain courses could be available so we would appreciate your participation in the survey which will follow after this talk.

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