2013 Roadmap Announced

Posted: 30/01/2013

Over 120 guests, including key members of the digital industry and business community, together with States representatives, were in attendance on Mon...

Over 120 guests, including key members of the digital industry and business community, together with States representatives, were in attendance on Monday to hear what they can expect to be delivered by Digital Jersey over the coming year.

On the first day in his official capacity as Chief Executive Officer of Digital Jersey Limited, Ted Ridgway Watt announced the highlights of the Digital Jersey Strategic Roadmap, including key priorities over the coming months. Paul Masterton, the Chairman of Digital Jersey Limited, spoke of the significant progress in creating the new organisation, as well as identifying the objectives for the organisation, including economic, social and reputation, and for Jersey.

Key areas of focus for the roadmap included:

Research and Knowledge: A healthy sustainable digital sector is vital for Jersey’s future but we are competing with hundreds of other jurisdictions and digital centres who have similar ambitions. Our competitive position must be based on excellent fundamental research of trends and target markets and establishing where the optimum development opportunities are.

Education and Skills: Essential to a successful digital sector is having the right skills in the work force, developed through an effective educational system and across all age groups. In parallel, we need to see effective engagement with all island residents, ensuring that everyone has the knowledge and skills to participate in a digital, connected community. Digital Jersey, working collaboratively with other organisations, will play a key role in the island’s education and skills development agenda.

Business Development: Digital Jersey has the clear mandate to increase the sector’s economic value and to grow employment. To deliver these, we will move quickly to develop a pipeline of business growth opportunities, including inward investment, growth of the existing industry, collaborations and export services. Informed by our research, Digital Jersey will develop and market Jersey as a leading centre for the digital economy.

Regulation and Legislation: As the focal point for coordinating regulatory change, Digital Jersey will develop and prioritise required change, first to bring us on par with other jurisdictions and then, more critically, to enable competitive advantage. Coordination with other on-island bodies and pushing improvement in the speed and process of regulatory change will be vital.

Infrastructure and Government: Digital Jersey will provide a centralised and consistent industry viewpoint on all areas that impact the digital sector. Strong sector growth requires a complete ‘ecosystem’ of capabilities many of which are in place with others, such as the bold Gigabit investment, coming on stream. Similarly, Digital Jersey will work closely with the States, both political and executive, to assist and catalyse the move to e-Government services.

Chairman, Paul Masterton commented:

“The commitment made at the IoD debate to deliver a roadmap for Digital Jersey within 4 months has been met. I am pleased that we announced a world class Board and have appointed an experienced Chief Executive to take us forward. Let us recognise though that Digital Jersey, in fact all of Jersey, is operating in an increasingly competitive and fast paced world. While we have achieved good progress in a short period of time, it is now that the hard work and challenges really begin. I am, though, confident that the objectives we are setting mean that Digital Jersey will significantly contribute to the island’s economy and to enabling a connected, digital society. We have begun well and I look forward to this continuing in 2013 – the fact that the launch of our Roadmap has coincided with our CEO taking his official post is an extremely positive start.”

Chief Executive, Ted Ridgway Watt further commented:

“I am thrilled to begin my new role with such an exciting schedule of activities ahead. The turn out at today’s event, from right across the digital industry, members of government and the media, is a clear indication that we have an engaged and supportive community here in Jersey. This sort of support will be essential to our development and has given me further confidence in our success.”

The presentation slides used by the speakers at Monday's event can be found here on Slideshare.

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