Cygnetise and Stonehage Fleming design partnership wins FinTech Innovation Awards

Posted: 08/02/2023

The blockchain-powered SaaS solution and leading Multi-Family Office collaboration is recognised twice for driving optimisation and digitisation

Cygnetise and Stonehage Fleming have won two awards in the 2022 IBSi Global FinTech Innovation Awards for the success of their design partnership. The collaboration between the Cygnetise Authorised Signatory Management platform and Stonehage Fleming, a principal adviser to many of the world’s leading families and wealth creators, won Most Innovative Project and Most Adaptable Deployment in the Most Innovative Use of Blockchain in Banking category.

Stonehage Fleming collaborated with Cygnetise to become an influential design partner in the development of the Cygnetise product as part of the Family Office’s continual drive to optimise its processes to provide best-in-class customer service levels. The company is a trailblazer in identifying innovative technologies and the first Family Office to implement Cygnetise.

The design partnership with Stonehage Fleming has enabled the development of new updates and features that further boost efficiency and security and aid Cygnetise’s continual improvement. Cygnetise’s cloud-based SaaS model enables continuous functionality releases/upgrades meaning that the design partnership also contributes to the immediate improvement of the platform for all Cygnetise clients and users.

The collaboration additionally enabled Stonehage Fleming to demonstrate to banks the mutual benefits of using Cygnetise for Authorised Signatory Management processes to reduce risk, improve efficiency and strengthen governance. The building of this network effect has positive outcomes for numerous stakeholders, from Stonehage Fleming and its clients to the banks and their regulators, with digitisation of the wider banking ecosystem also driven forward.

Christelle Theurillat, Partner, Head of Operations at Stonehage Fleming said; “Cygnetise is highly effective in helping us realise our digital goals so collaborating in a design partnership made complete sense. The application makes the process so much quicker, simpler and more effective for managing our authorised signatory lists, moving away from paper-based processes that are time-consuming. This is the direction the entire industry should be travelling in.”

Steve Pomfret, CEO of Cygnetise, said; “It is a pleasure to partner with Stonehage Fleming. They are leaders of the pack with their forward-thinking and innovative approaches. Due to the high regard in which they are held they also act as an influencer, as well as aiding us with the continuous development of the Cygnetise application. It is a highly fruitful collaborative relationship.”

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