It’s an employee’s market, how to be the company people want to work for…

Posted: 30/08/2022

It’s an employee’s market, how to be the company people want to work for …

At Vaiie we create solutions to enhance the way businesses meet their regulatory obligations and wow their customers. At the same time, we have a lot of fun whilst doing it!

Our culture is all about people, for Vaiie to be successful we need to ensure we are providing a great place to work, with a positive workplace culture, where colleagues are motivated and supported to be the best they can be every day.

In this article, we explore what it takes to become an employer of choice, a company that people want to work for, and while there is no one size fits all solution, we share our experiences of building a people strategy.

Lead by example – be warm, honest, and open with your team. In our experience nothing kills culture like fear and mistrust.  Your leadership team set the all-important tone for your business.  We are thrilled that Lee Bosio, Vaiie’s Managing Director, won the Institute of Directors ‘Young Director of the Year’, a real testament to his leadership of the Vaiie team.

Empower employees – At Vaiie we make it clear what is expected of each team member, we keep objectives simple and achievable with many shared across the team to ensure we drive forward together.  As a result, people feel empowered to make decisions without fear of recrimination, we also accept that missteps happen, and we learn from our mistakes collectively.

Listen to your employees – in addition to regular individual and team check-ins we undertake a colleague survey to understand how our team feel and make sure to act on the findings.  Our last survey identified the two key priorities as being ‘wellbeing’ and ‘learning & development’. We have strategies for improving both.

Consider the overall value package – In addition to a competitive salary, we offer bonuses in recognition for performance and hard work, an optional top-up pension scheme, medical and dental coverage, our leave entitlement is generous and includes annual volunteering and duvet days.

Provide flexible working – At Vaiie, we want you to work when and where you’re most productive, whether you’re an early bird or night owl.  Whether working from the office, the princess suite, or a co-working space, today’s leading employers enable employees to make the most appropriate choices about where and when they work.

Give credit where it’s due – Sometimes it’s the simple things that matter, saying well done, having a reward and recognition scheme, celebrating individual and team success.  We like to think of Vaiie as a collection of experts in their field, we put each expert front and centre of our work, whether that is meeting clients, at events, or in articles, we don’t hide them behind a management layer.

The benefits for employers are obvious, the team becomes more productive. When a great culture is formed, you can retain and attract the best people.  You become known as a great place to work and that extends into your sales cycle.

We are hiring!  If you like the sound of Vaiie and are interested in joining the team we have open roles across business development, product, and development.

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