Jersey’s Small Businesses Encouraged to Get Digital for Enterprise Week 2017

Posted: 11/05/2017

Local small business owners are invited to discover how other businesses in Jersey are benefitting from introducing innovative technologies at an Ente...

Local small business owners are invited to discover how other businesses in Jersey are benefitting from introducing innovative technologies at an Enterprise Week event taking place at the Hub on 16th May 2017, organised as part of a collaboration between Digital Jersey, Jersey Business and Jersey Chamber of Commerce.


‘Three Technologies for Small Business Success’, will show attendees how implementing technology can be simple and easy, and can create noticeable improvements across a business, with the aim of encouraging more local businesses to adopt technology. Digital Jersey, Jersey Business and Jersey Chamber of Commerce identified some key areas which will be most beneficial to our Island’s small businesses; online bookings, contactless payments and cloud-based bookkeeping.

The event provides the opportunity to hear real life examples of how these technologies have been practically applied and features speakers representing several businesses from a cross section of industries, as well as some of the on-Island service providers who helped them to achieve success using technology:

           Natalie Duffy, Owner of the Salty Dog

Natalie will discuss how online booking systems can work across a variety of industries. Their presentations will showcase how the restaurant-reservation service OpenTable, and smart salon software, Shortcuts Software, have benefitted their businesses, staff and customers.

Rory Lapidus, Owner of R Fresh and Nobby Martins, CEO of CityPay,

Rory and Nobby will showcase how R Fresh has improved the way it provides customer service through utilising a customer interface and till system developed by local technology service provider, CityPay.

Alex Morel, Managing Director of ALX Training and Luke Smith, Director of

Alex and Luke will provide insight into how accounting and bookkeeping software, Xero can help to reduce costs and improve efficiencies across an organisation.


The event will feature an introduction from Digital Jersey CEO, Tony Moretta, who will also lead Q&A sessions after each presentation. Following the presentations, attendees will also have the chance to ask the speakers questions specific to their business, see live demonstrations of the technologies, and network.


Rory Lapidus, commented:

“Positive encouragement and engagement is the only way forward if we want more of Jersey’s businesses to become digitally-enabled. I encourage local business owners to come along to this event to see how these innovations could help them to flourish too.”


Alex Morel, commented:

“I was lucky to have a number of accountants, including Luke, show me how easy Xero was to use . Seeing its benefits in action was key. I hope that by giving local businesses the opportunity to see and try out Xero for themselves, it will give them the confidence to adopt new technologies, saving both time and money.“


Natalie Duffy, commented:

“Technology has become an integral part of how we operate at the Salty Dog. It has helped us to vastly improve in terms of efficiency and timekeeping, and the data we collect from our customers even allows us to market the restaurant more strategically. Jersey’s businesses should not be afraid of tech, they should embrace it and reap the benefits! I’m looking forward to showing them how easy this can be at this Enterprise Week event.”


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