Join our Fintech Focus Thought Leadership Webinar Series

Posted: 03/06/2020

Have you ever stopped to consider how brilliant you are? You know more, you’ve learned more, and your brain is storing more than you may possibly ever know. The good news is that Digital Jersey wants to tap into those memory banks for our Fintech Focus Thought Leadership series.

If you’ve not seen our fintech focus webinars so far, each week we’re asking the best minds in the sector to share their expertise with others.

Right now, we may be working from home, or in much smaller groups in the office, but there’s no less of a reason for us all to be continual our professional development.

So far, the team at Vaiie have offered a valuable and timely insight into ways of eliminating data breaches, and InvestSuite will share their expertise on how investment performance is reported.

If you have a particular area of expertise or experience to share, we’d love you to stage a webinar.

We’ll sort the tech and marketing side of things, so you only need to focus on sharing your knowledge with others.

If ever there was a time where we can all see the value in learning from others, it is surely now.

It might be about a product or service you offer, or simply an industry insight from your unique perspective. If you consider it would sit comfortably under the banner of ‘thought leadership’, then it sits comfortably with us.

Jess Osman and Jason Laity are leading this project for us, so drop either or both of them a line to [email protected] and [email protected] and you could be the next to feature in our series.

Don’t keep that brilliance to yourself… the rest of us are ready to learn!

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