Posted: 10/02/2021

Marbral Advisory and We Talk Wellbeing are producing the first ever Channel Island Wellbeing Report.

Marbral Advisory and We Talk Wellbeing are producing the first ever Channel Island Wellbeing Report. The Report will focus on the professional services sector and aims to gather significant research, certified by evidence-based data, to highlight the current status of corporate wellbeing in the Channel Islands.

The team behind the research are calling on all professional services businesses in Jersey and Guernsey to get involved, by asking their employees to take part in the science-backed CI Wellbeing Survey. The digital survey link will go live on Monday 15th February 2021. Participants will then have three weeks to complete it and it should take approximately 15 minutes per person.

International research shows that there is a clear link between wellbeing and performance, absenteeism, retention, motivation and culture. The Channel Island Wellbeing Report seeks to gain an understanding of how professional services perform on a number of wellbeing domains to explore these relationships and to identify whether there are conclusions to be drawn which are unique to the Islands. It also aims to provide a benchmark for organisations to understand their own wellbeing data.

All participating businesses will be able to make full use of their own survey results and compare it to the industry norms in the report. The research will help CI companies assess their current wellbeing state, understand challenges and gather key data to facilitate change and measurement, which is of benefit not only to the company but to the Island economy.

The survey took over a year to build, utilising learnings from renowned research and incorporating validated scales such as the Perceived Stress Scale and the Connor Davidson Resilience Scale.

The research team will also be conducting a small number of semi-structured interviews with a secondary sample of key stakeholders as part of the Report. The interviews will involve root-cause analysis, business culture and goals evaluation.

The research will be led by Dr Glenda Rivoallan (Wellbeing and Resilience expert) from We Talk Wellbeing and Jenny Winspear (MA Organisational Psychology) from Change Management Consultancy, Marbral Advisory.

Glenda Rivoallan, Founder, We Talk Wellbeing, says:

‘I encourage all companies in the professional services sector to get involved in this critical research and by doing so, visibly demonstrate their commitment to employee wellbeing as being front and central. Currently, only two fifths of companies have a stand-alone wellbeing strategy and it’s vital we bring more focus to wellbeing for the sake of our people, our businesses and the Island economy. This research will give us valuable data to enable us to benchmark and move forward and become a centre for wellbeing excellence in the future.’

Jenny Winspear, Consultant and Product Lead, Marbral Advisory, says:

‘The survey has been developed to assess general wellbeing as well as the effect the Covid pandemic has had on our Islands. We believe that there have been severe impacts on employee wellbeing, team performance and organisational culture in the past year. These are some of the core areas of our concentration. We hope our work will have a significant impact on workplace wellbeing in the Island. The vision is to deliver positive and long-lasting impact on employee health, wellbeing and resilience that in turn drives productivity and tangible business benefits.’

Businesses and individuals wanting to get involved in the research can email Jenny Winspear to sign up: [email protected]. Participants will then be sent the survey link on Monday 15th February.

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