A Digital Jersey Podcast interview with Nick Ogden

As part of our TechTalk series, listen to our latest podcast, an exclusive interview with Nick Ogden serial entrepreneur in banking, payments and fintech, founder of WorldPay.

Our brilliant podcast host Gwyn Garfield Bennet, author, broadcaster and journalist speaks to Nick about his successful career, from pioneering ecommerce in 1994 and inventing the first online shop, the Wine Warehouse, to founding WorldPay in 1997, which processes over 40 billion transactions annually.

Known as one of the founding fathers of Global FinTech, Nick has founded businesses including WorldPay, Cashflows, ClearBank and most recently, RTG. Listen as he shares his experiences in starting a business and scaling up, as well as his stories about connectivity, and some general brilliant anecdotes over the last 30 years from David Place, St Helier –  Reykjavik, Iceland – Abu Dhabi – and more.



The Digital Jersey Podcast is a bi-monthly recording on technology in Jersey in collaboration with the Digital Leadership Programme. We hope you enjoy listening and make sure to tune into the next episode which is due out in July.

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