2017 Targets & Objectives

Digital Jersey’s role as a facilitator, trusted adviser and business enabler, is pivotal to our success in 2017. Throughout everything we do, we will drive an island-wide culture change towards a Digital First agenda.

2017 Business Plan

Digital industry: To support sustainable economic growth in Jersey’s digital industry. We want Jersey to have a strong digital industry, contributing to an increasing trend of job creation on-island. Throughout 2017 Digital Jersey will create the right conditions for any digital business to start and grow, and intervene directly to develop specific sub-sectors with a focus on fintech, Digital Health and the Internet of Things.

Digital society: To develop a connected, digitally capable society, producing homegrown tech skills and improving the efficiency and quality of on-island services. Throughout 2017 Digital Jersey will drive and support a ‘Digital First’ agenda: advising Government, promoting local solutions and importing best practice from around the world.

Global reach: To establish Jersey as an internationally well regarded and outward facing digital business centre. Throughout 2017 we will support local businesses in exporting their goods and services and promote Jersey as location of choice for foreign high-growth businesses.

View our 2017 business plans in full below.

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