Our Targets & Objectives

We’ve outlined our 2019 business plan which is broken down into, and addresses, three separate sectors; Digital Industry, Digital Society & Economy, and Off-island Reach and Sandbox Jersey. These sections cover our targets and objectives for the year in business sectors like IoT, fintech and digital health.

2019 Business Plans

Digital Jersey will:

    • Provide support to more digital start-ups than ever before, by doubling Digital Jersey’s co-working space, offering dedicated offices, creating more meeting areas for sharing new ideas, and a much bigger event space.
    • Develop Jersey into a bustling centre of IoT activity, by encouraging talented people to base themselves at our dedicated IoT facility, the Digital Jersey Xchange.
    • Create a digitally-skilled workforce by providing islanders with the skills to take on new and exciting roles in Jersey’s growing digital economy. To be achieved by launching the Digital Jersey Academy, a facility which for the first time will offer dedicated resources for digital skills training in Jersey.
    • Promote Jersey as an attractive and unique destination to Sandbox, develop and launch new ideas, and establish a permanent Fintech presence in London to do just that.
    • Help businesses navigate the start-up process and grow, by packaging up all aspects of business support from across the island in a Digital WelcomePack.

Read the 2019 business plans in full below or view the 2018 highlights report to see what was accomplished in 2018.

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