2020 Targets & Objectives

We’ve outlined our 2020 business plans, targets and objectives which consist of eight key points that we aim to achieve for the year. These objectives support the Government of Jersey’s Common Strategic Policy and continue to build on our already successful business development areas, strategy & policy, Hubs, Academy and marketing activity.

2020 Business Plan

Our business plan for 2020 outlines eight key targets and objectives which consist of the following:

  1. Drive digital sector growth
  2. Create a digitally skilled workforce
  3. Focus on the growth of the local fintech sector
  4. Drive Smart City and IoT innovation in Jersey
  5. Promote Jersey as an attractive and unique destination to develop and launch new technologies
  6. Promote and celebrate the very best of Jersey’s digital sector
  7. Develop and implement an island wide technology roadmap
  8. Establish a future vision for a strong digital economy in Jersey

Read our 2020 Business Plan in full below or view the 2019 highlights report.

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