Digital Manifesto

Digital is driving the future of Jersey.

The Advances won’t happen by themselves. Digital needs investment and the political will to harness its incredible potential. The cost of making the digital transformation is relatively small compared with the cost of not doing so.

To achieve all this, we need our next government to:

  • Maintain our position as the most connected island in the world.
  • Invest in our schools, colleges, and workplaces and partner with a UK University to grow the technical skills of every islander.
  • Attract skilled tech workers to grow our digital sector and upskill our workforce.
  • Create an attractive climate for digital businesses and tech entrepreneurs from around the world.
  • Appoint a political champion for the digital sector.
  • Develop and deliver an ambitious vision for digital government.
  • Prioritise local technology procurement.
  • Build a well-funded innovation eco-system to address future challenges and grow our economy sustainably.

For a copy of our Digital Manifesto please click below.

We would love to hear from you to discuss this manifesto and hear your thoughts and ideas to realise the incredible possibilities of digital.

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