Posted Monday 13th June 2016

Digital Jersey Comment on the Launch of the Digital Policy Framework

Digital Jersey Comment on the Launch of the Digital Policy Framework

The States of Jersey have published a strategy paper to start the conversation on how to significantly innovate Jersey’s government, economy and society using digital solutions, which you can see here. The launch also marks the start of the public consultation process to discuss the topics the paper raises, giving all members of the Jersey public their chance to have their say. See how you can get involved here.

Tony Moretta, CEO of Digital Jersey commented:

“This consultation is a watershed moment for Jersey, as it is the first time that all the digital ambitions of Jersey’s government, industry and civil society will be focussed and brought together into one overarching consultation and policy. Alongside government’s leading role, at Digital Jersey we will play an instrumental role in the consultation process, and will be working with our partners in Jersey’s digital community to ensure all views are brought to the table.

The launch of the Digital Policy Framework is an exciting moment for everyone with a stake in Jersey’s prosperity and continued quality of life. As digital continues to disrupt traditional industries, it’s clear that Jersey needs to take clear, concerted and collective action now - not only to confront the challenges but to actively embrace the opportunities.

At Digital Jersey, we’ve always been clear that we can’t do this alone: building a thriving digital space relies on government investment as much as it relies on industry’s ingenuity. The launch of this consultation is testament to the government’s commitment to play its essential role.

An important part of this consultation is its inclusivity: the changes that digital is bringing about concern all of us. Digital innovation has radically changed and will continue to radically change our lives: how we work, how we live, how we spend our free time, how we communicate with each other, how we receive healthcare. This consultation reflects a collective commitment to exploring in depth this most fundamental of revolutions.

What is essential throughout the consultation is a focus on delivery and investment, to ensure great ideas become great policy. The ultimate – and necessary – goal of the consultation is to make real, positive changes to people’s lives and businesses in Jersey not just now, but for years to come.”