Digitalising corporate services, trust and fund administrators with integrated software.

Quantios emerges following the merger between TrustQuay and Viewpoint in May 2023, and marks a new beginning, solidifying Quantios as a global player. Drawing on the heritage and expertise of TrustQuay and Viewpoint, Quantios aims to accelerate technology innovation in the TCSP sector.

With a client base of over 600 international firms, Quantios strives to deliver product innovation in the SaaS space, as well as enhancing global customer service, and extending its capabilities across a broader geographic scope and into more diverse regulatory environments. Quantios will be expanding its extensive industry knowledge and understanding of jurisdictional specifics to continually innovate and accelerate digital advancement to the sector.

The name ‘Quantios’ conveys modernity, precision, and intelligence, honouring the company’s 40-year legacy of expertise in the TCSP industry. Designed to resonate on a global scale, the new identity mirrors the company’s combined expansive reach and diverse clientele.