Magellan Consultancy

At Magellan we work with senior leadership teams to identify and tailor their current business model, looking at ways to improve or enhance existing services, systems, people and governance frameworks.

With a particular focus on business change and transformation, Magellan Consultancy provide services to a variety of clients across multiple business sectors, including banking, private wealth, funds, legal, public sector, utilities, retail, logistics and telecommunications. Transformation is often supported by technology solutions; our team are experts in translating the needs of your business into the language of technologists. We act as the intermediary between businesses and their technology partners, ensuring any benefits are realised by clients both internal and external.

As champions and practitioners of Lean Six Sigma we assist customers in training, consultancy, quality assurance and mentor support. We focus on improving and optimising businesses processes, working with our clients to realise the full potential of their staff, systems and services.

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