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Prosperity 24.7

We’re more than just a technology business. We’re the future of your business. We solve business challenges every day, with technology solutions that work the way people work. Because when technology works better, life works better. For all of us.

The company has a very simple mission statement, relating directly to its name, that is at the root of its business culture and ethos:

“Prosperity – The state of flourishing, thriving, success or good fortune; we want to facilitate your economic prosperity by integrating business and technology with simplicity”

The company offers solutions and expertise to companies from start-up to multi-national organisations across a wide and diverse range of industries and geographies. Their subject and industry expert consultants specialise in helping you to simply optimise and maximise your business whilst applying a healthy dose of realism and pragmatism in the solutions that they recommend. The company’s employees act as trusted advisors, reporting to the Board, Senior Management Team, IT Director or Business stakeholders and deliver support through the entire lifecycle of change initiatives, regularily engaging in a number of the stages of effective change.

Chief Executive Officer – Chris Clark
Chief Learning Officer – Geraldine Evans
Chief Technology Officer – Jake Foster
Director – Business Solutions – Julian Slater
Director – Business Change – Paul Marshall
Director – Technical Solutions – Lee Pirouet