An introduction to Blockchain presented by Eliézer Ndinga

Blockchain 101, an introduction to Web 3, The Future of Internet.

  • 20th October 2022
    12:00pm - 2:00pm


Digital Jersey Hub

This course is a guide to understand the next generation of Internet services and explain why blockchains are at the heart of this innovation. In addition, we hope this course to serve as a reference in the next decades, akin to how younger generations seek books to fathom the Internet of the mid-1980s and the Web of the early 1990s.

The crypto industry is growing fast, with different sectors: Decentralized Finance, NFTs and Big Data — similar to the SaaS industry. Emerging use cases of blockchains may disrupt and expand business models in financial services, eCommerce, art, music, and more.

We are still in the early innings of this innovation, created by just 0.06% of the world’s developers. This course lays out the risks, issues, and potential solutions to bring Web 3 to billions of people.

Length: 1 hour 30 minutes including 30 minutes Q&A

Light Lunch / Refreshments included

About the speaker: Eliézer Ndinga – 

Eliézer leads the research department at 21Shares, a $2 billion digital asset management firm. He provides insights into crypto markets and patterns associated with the global economy and geopolitics. His research is often featured in Bloomberg, Business Insider, and other leading news outlets to build crypto products and tokens ahead of market trends and help financial institutions, journalists, regulators, and the community navigate the crypto asset industry.

Experienced as a Venture Capital Associate in New York investing in seed and early-stage companies, including a billion-dollar Fintech startup, Eliézer’s experience in crypto started in 2014. He obtained his master’s degree in International Business and wrote his master’s thesis on how the Bitcoin network could improve financial inclusion in developing economies.

Company information:

21Shares LinkedIn

21Shares Website


Following this course, we will circulate a survey for feedback on whether future Blockchain courses could be available so we would appreciate your participation in the survey which will follow after this talk.

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