Chamber of Commerce 'Virtual Event' - Turn Your Sales Into A Crystal Ball

  • 16th June 2022
    7:00pm - 8:00pm



In this session, we will be exploring how your sales data can help you accurately forecast future performance.

About this event

Imagine knowing that every £1 you spend, you would make £5 back.

Or knowing the probability and characteristics of a customer and how to capitalize on that fact.

Or understanding where to improve your sales efforts to increase revenue and retention without the need to hire new sales staff.

We’ll be joined by sales expert and business growth mentor, Ben Benett from Second Voice, where he will be talking all things revenue, forecasting and sales performance.

Ben has worked in sales environments for over 23 years and has supported, grown and trained some of the most forward thinking sales organizations.

During the session you will understand how to;

-Track and measure your customer’s journey through your sales pipelines

-Determine your conversation rates at each stage of the buyers lifecycle

-Analyse existing customer revenue and behavioral data to build robust forecasting

-Build a framework to accurately predict future revenue

Join us for this exciting workshop and take hold of your revenue growth immediately.

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