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Posted: 17/08/2022

Meet Connor. He is our super-charged gaming fan and junior development assistant here at Fusion Development. Connor works closely with our developers Delva and Ben expanding his knowledge and skills in SharePoint, React and Tailwind.

Through his love for maths and science, Connor is a problem-solving superpower. He makes a great fit for the team because, simply put, it’s what we do. We create practical, intelligent solutions for our clients through software and tech.

Connor joined us via Jersey Employment Trust (JET). Thanks to Digital Jersey and their collaboration with JET, Connor was able to connect with us. We’re pleased to be supporting Connor through this initiative providing him with a safe space and the flexibility to work.

“I chose to work with Fusion because they were clear in what work they did and what they expected of me as a member of their team. I found other companies were vague, generic or used too many buzzwords.

I’m learning so many new things, from new coding libraries to Office tips and tricks. I love how different aspects of IT interact and come together to create new products and solutions.

Fusion is a small team so I feel comfortable asking questions and they have done everything to stop me feeling overwhelmed”. 

Connor has a methodical and highly determined approach to his work – perfect skills for a role in Fusion where there’s a lot to learn, test and develop. He likes to keep busy and in his spare time enjoys drawing pixel art and anime, and gaming, including the odd platformer (anyone up for a bit of Sonic?).

The tech industry is ever-growing, ever-shifting and there is always lots to learn and discover. Individually and as a team, we spend time exploring new services and products to determine the best solutions for our clients, and with the team on hand, Connor has been able to grow further in an informal and collaborative space.

More about JET…

On its website, JET explains its work: “JET supports people with disabilities and long-term health conditions”.

But, JET is and does so much more than that.

The work they do is vital and valuable. As well as giving their clients enhanced support to enter the workforce, they are mentors, guides, even friends.

What we don’t see is how much pastoral work is involved in their role. They often identify and provide vital connections to other services their clients may need. This could include counselling, welfare advice and financial support.

Opening the doors to new talent…

Employers aren’t expected to carve out new roles for clients, but to be mindful and flexible in terms of timings and task adjustments. Clients are hired on their individual abilities. Some may require more flexibility, additional training, and others perhaps need longer breaks or adapted workspaces.

Whilst the introduction of the Discrimination Law has provided a passageway to workplaces for people with disabilities, actually matching up suitable roles and work environments are without doubt a bigger challenge.

Helping clients overcome anxiety barriers and understanding triggers is really important and that is all considered when finding suitable roles for clients. Ultimately, the goal is to allow people to start and sustain their jobs and careers.

What JET is also doing is opening the doors for employers to untapped skill and talent. Given the skills shortage in industries across the island, it’s certainly a resource and talent pool not to be overlooked.

We were pleased to hear that the businesses and employers that work with JET have been considerate, accommodating and genuinely interested in how they can provide sustainable employment. Many employers are now beginning to consider JET as part of their recruitment selection and proactively approaching them in search for new talent.

There are approximately 300 JET clients, with more than 160 in employment around the island. This is fantastic and with funding available, JET can continue matching the right skills to the right jobs.

Without JET and its valuable work, we most likely wouldn’t have met Connor. Infectiously charismatic and brilliantly talented, we’re delighted to have you on the team!

 A huge thanks to Connor and Helen Clayton, Employment and IT Coordinator at JET, for allowing us to profile them and bring attention to the fantastic work they’re doing.

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