Virteffic have seen phenomenal progress over the last 2 years

Posted: 04/10/2022

At Virteffic we have seen phenomenal progress over the last 2 years. We have now grown to a larger team including a virtual assistant, six senior virtual assistants/minute writers, two directors and one Chief Operating Officer.

Our core service is company secretarial support with over 1,000 set of minutes drafted since inception! We can assist with all aspects of meeting preparation including the scheduling of meetings, collating documents for board packs, attending meetings and drafting minutes and action points. Our minute writing experience covers the whole spectrum of entities including large regulated firms, charities, smaller companies and medical practices.

A virtual assistant can step in to perform any task that businesses don’t know how to do, are too busy to do, don’t want to do or that would be better outsourced. It means lower operational costs without a compromise on quality of work.

We are not limited to minutes and company secretarial support, we also offer general administration services, corporate governance projects, editing and formatting of documents, data entry, projects, technical and analytical services.

We are so proud of our success, and we continue to strive for excellence for our clients. Our team members have been selected for their diverse and extensive experience; everyone brings their individual strengths to the team.

Our working model at Virteffic whereby we work where and when we want, allows our staff to have a great work/life balance. We believe this approach allows us to be more effective and efficient with our time.

Flexibility for the client means they can contract for just the services needed. There are options for short term or long term, one-off assistance or regular support. In addition, work outside the standard office hours is not an issue. The team’s organisation skills enable them to manage the workload effectively and prioritise tasks based on importance. Strict timescales and short deadlines are not a problem.

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