Airtel-Vodafone gains global accreditation in Narrow Band (NB) IoT technology

Posted: 05/02/2020

Jersey mobile telecommunications operator, Airtel-Vodafone, has gained Mobile IoT lab status in NB IoT from the GSMA, the industry standards body that represents the interests of mobile telecommunications companies worldwide. It is only one of two mobile network operators in the UK to hold this status, along with its partners, Vodafone.

This program will allow IoT device manufacturers, sim vendors, platform enablers and local and global businesses and organisations to test and rate devices in a live and secure environment on the Airtel-Vodafone NB IoT network in Jersey and in its lab.

Peter Zunino, head of sales and marketing at Airtel-Vodafone, said: ‘Internet of Things technology has huge potential for driving efficiency and solving major infrastructure problems in Jersey and we have already seen much interest from local organisations in using this technology. This global industry body certification is another step in our commitment to, and investment in, using standardised, licensed and future proof mobile technology to support local businesses and organisations drive efficiencies for their stakeholders.’

Tony Moretta, CEO, Digital Jersey said: ‘This is great news for Airtel-Vodafone and Jersey. It is no secret that we have some of the best telecommunications networks in the world making the island a great place to come and test new products and applications. Gaining Mobile IoT lab status in NB IoT is further recognition of how progressive we are in this space and brings another welcome feature to the Sandbox Jersey proposition.’

For more information about Airtel-Vodafone NB IoT contact [email protected]

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