Announcing new Comnexa & Cloud Coach Partnership

Posted: 03/03/2021

Comnexa announces a brand-new partnership with Cloud Coach, a leading project management, PSA & PPM solution built on the Salesforce platform.

Comnexa announces a brand-new partnership with Cloud Coach, a leading project management, PSA & PPM solution built on the Salesforce platform.

Since launching in 2016, Comnexa has transformed key business processes for a number of companies across the Channel Islands, including streamlining sales processes with Salesforce’s industry leading CRM technology, saving teams hours on reporting with Salesforce analytics tools, and creating automated personalised journeys for customers using Pardot. One of the key strengths of using Salesforce is the ability to scale quickly and role functions out to many divisions within a business to form a single source of truth for data, rather than rely upon a series of independent systems. Comnexa’s new partnership with Cloud Coach looks to take advantage of just this and allows Comnexa to implement project management solutions alongside the CRM. After closing new business opportunities within the Salesforce CRM, functions such as project management, client onboarding, regulatory compliance checks, and so much more can be completed efficiently, with less margin for error, within the same platform.

On Thursday 4th March, Comnexa and Cloud Coach are hosting a joint webinar as part of Comnexa’s regular series of Salesforce user groups. Readers are welcome to join this session and can sign up for free at

Commenting on the new partnership, Comnexa’s Commercial Director, Phil Cuming, said:
“We’ve seen our customers achieve amazing results with Salesforce, particularly when used as a strategic cornerstone across multiple departments; that’s when businesses find real efficencies! Our mission at Comnexa has always been to help our customers deliver exceptional journeys to their customers. Our new partnership with Cloud Coach enables us to do exactly that. We can close even more gaps between departments and save teams crucial hours, aswell as helping them create happier customers and nurture even more relationships.”

Comnexa is proud to upskilled three team members, Dan Williams, Julie Dupont, and Richard Van Neste as Cloud Coach Certified Administrators. Allowing them to provide specialist implementation and support to customers today.

Peter Lee, CEO at Cloud Coach, said:
“Many businesses have already made significant investments in Salesforce but have yet to truly leverage the power of the platform within their organisations.
“We are delighted to be partnering with Comnexa to help more organisations manage their projects in a better way.”

About Comnexa
Comnexa is a certified Salesforce partner consultancy. Using Salesforce technology to help businesses find, win, and keep customers through data-backed marketing and business development strategies.
Providing Salesforce implementations across a variety of sectors, Comnexa’s speciality lies in CRM strategy and implementation for financial services. Working with businesses implementing their very first CRM, others moving from a different technology onto Salesforce, and those wishing to improve their existing Salesforce use.

Comnexa’s management originate from marketing and business development backgrounds, holding a belief that true customer success lies in the effective use of technology and data.

About Cloud Coach
Cloud Coach is a Project Management, PSA & PPM solution provider built on the Salesforce platform for businesses that want to make strategic investments into their success.

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