Autism Jersey to be JT’s chosen charity in 2022

Posted: 22/02/2022

JT’s people have chosen to support Autism Jersey as their main charity this year.

The company’s team members have always played a central role in choosing which charity to support and decided that Autism charities across JT’s locations in Jersey, Guernsey and Australia would be the focus of their attention in 2022.

Autism Jersey was set up in 2005 by a group of committed parents and now has Preferred Partner status in the provision of autism-related services to the Department of Health and Community Services. Its charitable services, which are not funded by the Government, are provided to autistic adults and children, their families and carers and are free at the point of delivery.

JT and the charity are planning to work together to increase fundraising, awareness of services and needs while also helping to recruit people into critical support roles.

Nick Winsor, Chair of Autism Jersey, said: “We are really excited as we begin a dedicated year of partnership with JT, a long term supporter of the charity. Although awareness around Autism has increased in recent years, with JT’s help, we hope to move on from awareness to acceptance and greater inclusion for people on the autism spectrum in everyday life. As we continue to grow as a charity, the demands on our services are increasing. One of our main challenges, like for so many other charities, is recruiting people of the right calibre to fill roles supporting people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). With JT’s help this year, we will set the charity further along the path towards providing the best quality care, assistance and support for people on the autism spectrum.”

Daragh McDermott, Managing Director JT Channel Islands, said: “Our relationship with Autism Jersey is well established and will grow from strength to strength as we work closely together this year. We’re immensely proud to have this long-term connection with an organisation that does such vital work in our community. Helping and supporting charities has always been part of the culture at JT and we’re really keen to explore new ways of supporting Autism Jersey using our technology, expertise, and network.”

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