Automate Your Product Fulfilment With Atlas From Jersey Post

Posted: 21/10/2022

If your business is exporting products from Jersey, the new customs requirements can’t have escaped your attention.

Local digitally focused creatives Wedigital teamed up with Jersey Post to help ensure an Island farmers’ potato export business can continue to grow.

Richardson’s Jersey Royals are traditionally hand-picked and gently packed in the field and sealed in small paper bags within minutes of being lifted from the ground; but the introduction of new international customs requirements to ship them off island were stunting the company’s growth.

The new customs procedures require senders to provide advance information about their shipments, registering these in the postal system while utilising new customs and delivery labels for packages.

To help businesses accommodate these, Jersey Post has created Atlas, a client-facing online system that allows you to create shipments and generate shipping labels through a singular interface.

The new requirements can be broken down into two areas: electronic advance data and labelling.

Depending on the scope of your shipment volumes, these changes may be disruptive to your established workflows and ways of doing things. It certainly presents new challenges for all exporters grappling to acquiesce to these new requirements. Of course, that’s especially true for those businesses with larger shipping volumes to account for.

Yet, with change also comes opportunity. New possibilities to streamline your sales processes and improve efficiencies are emerging, thanks to an automated solution developed by Jersey Post called Atlas.

The Wedigital team, working closely with Jersey Post developed a tailor-made digital solution which enabled the Richardson’s website to integrate with Jersey Post’s shipping platform, completely automating the administration process and providing the ability to generate all the necessary documentation and shipping labels, whilst complying with the new customs requirements.

Richardson’s can now directly connect their sales channels, so that the whole process can now be fully integrated, removing almost all necessity for human intervention.

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