Calligo changes the rules of the managed services industry

Posted: 04/06/2020

Calligo becomes the world’s first end-to-end managed data services provider

alligo has enjoyed multiple successes in recent months, including winning the Global MSP of the Year award, joining the CDN Top 100 Solution Providers and most recently being shortlisted for both the NTA “Tech Growth Business of the Year” and for no fewer than three European IT & Software Excellence Awards.

All this industry recognition has been driven by our key differentiation from other service providers: our focus on putting data and its privacy at the heart of our services.

We know – and have quantifiably proven – that this shift in emphasis delivers more substantial and varied business benefits to our clients than any technology-driven service. Data is any business’ most valuable asset. By helping businesses prevent it from being invisible, inaccessible or irrelevant, our approach can deliver more substantial and varied business benefits to our clients than any other technology-driven service.

Calligo continues its data-first leadership and innovation, becoming the world’s first end-to-end managed data services provider.

Calligo was founded in anticipation of data privacy’s growing importance to businesses. We launched the world’s first privacy-first public cloud platform, and we are today the first and only service provider to have built an end-to-end data services portfolio on a foundation of data privacy.

– No other managed services provider takes the “data first” approach we do.

– No other managed services provider places such an emphasis on data safety – the co-ordinated safeguarding of both data security and data privacy in equal parts.

– No other managed services provider can offer services that improve productivity, profitability, agility and more from the moment data arrives in the business along the entirety of every data workflow.

– And no other provider has the heritage that we have to deliver such benefits to our customers – current and new.

By focusing not on our customers’ technology but on their data – and specifically the safety and efficiency of how it enters, moves through and exits the business – we require ourselves to gain a deeper understanding than any other service provider of our customers’ data workflows.

From this standpoint of granular visibility, we can then ensure that our customers’ use of data is safer, that every team member can work smarter, and that opportunities to innovate are being identified faster.

Most importantly, this outlook requires constant vigilance. Data workflows change constantly and without warning, which requires data privacy programmes to flex with them to maintain continuous adherence, and security strategies to adapt to accommodate new threats. But change also brings opportunity. New data workflows may offer greater potential for automation, and new datasets may offer up new possibilities for intelligent insights.

When this approach is combined with our core value of being “Customer First” and putting their needs above all, our customers – both current and those we haven’t met yet – can be assured of the greatest possible data-driven advantages from working with us.

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