Calligo shortlisted for “Best Cloud Computing Provider”

Posted: 16/08/2019

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve been shortlisted in the “Best Cloud Computing Provider” category of Computing’s Technology Product Awards 2019!

Calligo’s submission was shortlisted by the judges on account of how our cloud infrastructure services are specifically designed to support the wider objective of Data Optimization and Privacy. Our entire service portfolio – of which Cloud Infrastructure Services are a key component – is designed to deliver the maximum business benefit from every data interaction, while meeting all applicable data privacy regulations across all relevant jurisdictions.

Our Cloud Infrastructure Services are absolutely vital to this vision. CloudCore, our public cloud platform, launched in 2012, represents a powerful combination of high performance, data residency and security. Calligo provides industry-leading SLAs across all aspects of service provision, including performance, availability and uptime. It was also the first public cloud platform in the world to offer data residency guarantees, and the first to be certified under the information security standard, ISO 27001:2013. Meanwhile, its customizable data residency workflows restrict the movement of any sensitive data – including any copies for back up purposes – outside nominated jurisdictions.

But the judges were most impressed by how CloudCore underpins the wider breadth of data optimization services. For instance, it complements our Data Privacy Services, that combine an unusual blend of legal, technology, security and change management expertise. Our teams guide clients through their cloud infrastructure strategies, ensuring that their design and data management processes support their national, international and industry-specific data privacy obligations, and “privacy by design”.

Similarly, we regularly combine CloudCore with our IT Managed Services and Productivity services, such as Microsoft Office 365, to support our clients in the day-to-day access, security and use of their data. And CloudCore is also the basis of our Data Insights Services, using machine learning to deliver value-adding, privacy-conscious automation and IoT projects to businesses around the world.

2019 is already proving to be an exciting year of recognition. In July, Calligo was named as of the finalists in Computing’s Cloud Excellence Awards 2019 in the category “MSP of the Year”, as well as being ranked amongst the world’s top 100 Managed Service Providers by Channel Futures on their MSP501 List.

The winners of the Technology Product Awards will be announced on Friday 29th November 2019 in London. Wish us luck!

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