Community Savings and Accomplish Collaborate to
Provide Financial Inclusion Solutions

Posted: 12/09/2023

Community Savings and Accomplish Join Forces to Empower Financial Inclusion

Community Savings, a charitable organisation dedicated to helping individuals experiencing financial difficulties, has partnered with Accomplish, a leading fintech solutions provider, to launch a card product that promotes financial inclusivity and accessibility. This initiative was facilitated through the introduction of Digital Jersey, a key enabler in the collaboration between the two organisations.

Community Savings’ mission to foster financial inclusion aligns seamlessly with Accomplish’s expertise in crafting innovative financial solutions. Together, they have unveiled a bespoke card product that empowers those who would otherwise be excluded from obtaining a traditional bank account.

As part of its commitment to the local community, Community Savings provides essential services such as budgeting advice, financial mentoring, and emergency funding through loans and grants. The organisation’s Managing Director, Steve Eldred, commented on the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to embark on this collaboration with Accomplish and to have successfully devised a transformative solution tailored to the needs of our valued members who seek the ease of access offered by the Community Savings card. Accomplish has truly demonstrated their prowess as ideal partners, seamlessly aligning their card service with our fundamental basic account offering. Through this synergy, our customers have not only regained a sense of financial equilibrium but have also reclaimed the sense of normalcy that is often taken for granted. This partnership exemplifies our dedication to empowering individuals to surmount financial challenges and underscores the immense positive impact that can be achieved through strategic cooperation.”

Accomplish’s CEO, Paul Smith, echoed the sentiment, highlighting the collaboration’s significance: “Accomplish is proud to support Community Savings and its customers by offering a bespoke card product that enables Community Savings to further its valuable work in providing financial inclusivity and accessibility services to the local community. Working with Mastercard and Digital Jersey, the States and the JFSC, and our effective collaboration with the fantastic team at Community Savings, enabled us to design, set up and deploy this card programme in just a few weeks, ensuring that customers of Community Savings can enjoy the use of a Mastercard for their everyday spending needs.”

This innovative solution emerged as a response to the unexpected withdrawal of services from an existing card provider, underscoring Accomplish’s agility and commitment to swiftly address critical financial challenges. The speed-to-market demonstrated by Accomplish showcases their dedication to meeting the evolving needs of their partners and customers.

Digital Jersey’s existing MoU with Mastercard meant they were quickly able to identify Accomplish, whose product runs on the Mastercard payment rails, as a suitable new partner for the scheme, and to facilitate an introduction to Community Savings. This connection has paved the way for a successful partnership, delivering a truly first class solution and providing valuable support for over 350 Community Savings customers.

The collaboration between Community Savings and Accomplish, supported by Digital Jersey, embodies the power of innovative thinking, strategic collaboration, and a shared commitment to fostering financial inclusion. Through this partnership, both organisations aim to empower individuals, restore financial stability, and create a brighter future for the local community.

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