Comnexa wins 2022 Global Salesforce Partner Innovation Award

Posted: 14/11/2022

Salesforce announced Comnexa as the winner of the 2022 Global Partner Innovation Award in the Financial Services category. With over 850 projects considered, Comnexa was recognised by Salesforce and IDC (International Data Corporation) for the transformative impact the business has generated as a Salesforce Consulting Partner.

Each year the Salesforce Partner Innovation Awards celebrate the success and innovation of both ISV and Consulting partners by recognizing cutting-edge customer solutions and partner contributions. Partners who win demonstrate best-in-class examples of how they are helping businesses transform on Salesforce’s Customer 360 platform. For a full list of this year’s Partner Innovation Award winners, please see here.

Africa Business Opportunities Dashboard

Comnexa worked with financial services customer, Jersey-based Africa Events Limited to create a digital platform which matches business, trade, and investment opportunities across all 54 African countries. Since the platform was launched, around 10,000 businesses have registered, allowing Africa Business Community members to receive matched business, trade and investment opportunities from across the region, or country and business sectors of their choice. The platform is based on Salesforce Customer360 and currently distributes up to 2.2m personalised matched business opportunities to users, with up to 25m unmatched business opportunities distributed annually. The innovative platform is playing an increasing role in the matching of business, trade and investment opportunities throughout Africa.

Dan Williams, Managing Director, Comnexa:

“We have been working hard over the years to grow Comnexa as a Salesforce Consulting Partner which deeply understands the financial services industry, combined with a passion for ensuring our customers are successful with solutions we implement. I am absolutely delighted that Comnexa has been recognised globally for our innovative work in the financial services industry vertical. The winners of the other awards categories are globally renowned businesses, such as PwC, Tata, Capgemini, and IBM; for Comnexa to be recognised alongside such company is validation of the quality of work our team has delivered in recent times. Our team really enjoyed being empowered by Africa Events Limited to push the boundaries of the use of Salesforce. We continue to work in partnership with Africa Events Limited to continually improve and expand the platform.”

Rupert McCammon, Managing Director, Africa Events Limited:

“The support we received from Comnexa was instrumental in our decision to implement Salesforce as our core CRM several years ago. Since then we have worked together to develop what we believe is a platform that will play a transformational role in Africa’s future ability to grow business, trade and inward investment. In particular we are delighted that our Salesforce CRM and its integrated workflow processing technology has enabled us to scale our origination, matching and dissemination of business, trade and investment opportunities at a continental level across all 54 African countries. Our team, in conjunction with Comnexa, is constantly looking at new ways to mobilise the capabilities of Salesforce to extend our reach and scale, and we look forward to continued developments in our platform in future years”.

Africa Business Opportunities Dashboard can be accessed here:
AFSIC – Investing in Africa, Africa’s investment event can be accessed here:

Salesforce partners such as Comnexa are part of the growing Salesforce economy, which according to a study by IDC, is projected to produce 9.3 million new jobs and $1.6 trillion in new business revenue by 2026. The study finds that Salesforce is driving massive gains for its partner ecosystem, which will see $6.19 in gains for every $1 Salesforce makes by 2026. Salesforce has also found that more than 90% of its customers use partner apps and experts.

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