CoSteer shortlisted for ESG Award

Posted: 20/03/2023

CoSteer has recently been shortlisted for a UK and European Award with the International Compliance Association – ESG Initiative of the Year.

CoSteer, one of Digital Jersey’s latest members, is delighted to announce that its regulatory technology has been shortlisted for ESG Initiative of the Year at the ICA Compliance Awards 2023, recognising their outstanding dedication and exemplary work in the financial crime and regulatory compliance landscape.

Being shortlisted for an ICA Awards provides the whole team with an independent validation of their hard work and commitment to governance practices and helps to benchmark achievements with peers across the UK and Europe. This much-deserved recognition has helped demonstrate the shift globally towards governance being a performance exercise and not just a compliance one, as well as demonstrating how CoSteer is helping to drive innovation and standards across the sector.

CoSteer see governance as a beautiful; an interconnected, multifactorial and complex system capable of transforming organisational and societal outcomes, such as securing intergenerational value and peace.

They have created a governance model, methodology and AI driven technology that measures these interconnected relationships so to harness this interconnectedness and strategically co-steer organisational leadership teams towards precisely where to focus their precious time, money and effort.

By quantifying governance in a non-binary fashion, they are able to measure organisational murmuration – its cohesion, its collaboration and its agility. They align these outcomes with corporate governance codes around the world and bring governance to the Boardroom centre.

Perrin Carey, their founder and CEO says, “It’s such an incredible achievement to have been shortlisted and it’s recognition of the huge amount of work that has been done by the team in the last 6-months.”

Bill Howarth, President, ICA comments: ‘We would like to congratulate CoSteer on being nominated in the category of ESG Initiative of the Year ahead of ICA Compliance Awards. We are looking forward to welcoming them to the ceremony in April, to join us in celebrating and recognising excellence in financial crime prevention and compliance. The industry professionals, businesses and teams who work in this important field all have a vital role to play in keeping our societies safe and they deserve visibility and recognition for their outstanding work, day in and day out. As part of the Awards, we hope to provide a platform to reward their achievements, network with their peers, share knowledge and exchange best practice in innovation, collaboration, technology adoption, team and individual performance.’

The full list of nominees for the ICA Compliance Awards 2023.

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