Posted: 16/06/2020

Two Jersey companies, Marbral Advisory and We Talk Wellbeing, have partnered to launch wellbeing consultancy services that support organisations.

Two Jersey companies, Marbral Advisory and We Talk Wellbeing, have partnered to launch a suite of wellbeing consultancy services that support organisations and their people.

The team originally planned to launch the partnership later in the year but the outbreak of COVID-19 has necessitated the acceleration of their plans. New research * shows that the pandemic is having severe impacts on employee wellbeing, team performance and organisational culture. These are the core areas of concentration for the new partnership, which hopes to have a significant impact on workplace wellbeing in the Island.

The vision is to deliver positive and long-lasting impact on employee health, wellbeing and resilience that in turn drives productivity and tangible business benefits. The team will be assessing businesses and working on motivation, productivity, lowering absenteeism, lowering work-related stress, instilling positive culture, enabling higher staff retention and ensuring company growth.

The team will be conducting Company Wellbeing and Leadership Assessments, whilst offering team and individual wellbeing support, coaching and mentoring, change management, wellbeing governance, and wellbeing measurement and reports. Companies engaging the service will come away with a wellbeing rating, a roadmap to improvement and wellbeing reports that they can use for recruitment purposes.

The suite of wellbeing consultancy services has been developed by Dr Glenda Rivoallan and Kenneth Manson of We Talk Wellbeing (who are also the team behind Soulgenic), and Natasha Egré and Leonie McCrann of Marbral Advisory. They are supported by a team of 12 world-class, certified practitioners in Coaching, Psychology, Health Screening, Training, Change, and Transformation.

The team have committed to donate 10% of all wellbeing consultancy profits until the end of the year, to COVID-19 relief initiatives including Caring Cooks, The Bosdet Foundation, Mind Jersey and Jersey Critical Care Survivors.

Natasha Egré, Head of Client and Product Development, Marbral Advisory, says:

‘We are currently experiencing a change like no other. Basic needs are being tested, survival instincts are kicking in and each and every one of us will traverse the change curve time and time again as the pandemic runs its course. All of this unrest risks performance, lowers productivity and hampers growth. Wellness has never been so vitally important. That’s why we’ve launched our partnership earlier than planned and we hope businesses get in touch now rather than leave it until it’s too late.’

Kenneth Manson, Director, We Talk Wellbeing, says:

‘We see considerable similarities between the impact of the current COVID-19 pandemic and the emotions people and families go through if a tragic event leads to a period of grief. Reactions to the crisis follow a well-known change model known as ‘The Change Curve’ which shows how we, as individuals, react emotionally to major disruptive change.

With every industry, function and geography affected, the amount of potential change to think through can be extremely daunting. We have developed our services to help local businesses put employee wellbeing at the heart of their narrative and assist them in coming out of this crisis stronger and ready to take on new challenges.’

Leonie McCrann, CEO, Marbral Advisory, says:

‘For the first time in Jersey we are bringing together business consultancy acumen with world-class wellbeing practices to deliver significant business results. Our services are highly focused on providing before-and-after data driven evaluation for businesses to track change and ROI, scientific data backing the positive effect wellbeing has on performance and businesses and initiatives that are designed in alignment with organisational policies and procedures, culture and business ethics, and which comply with employment, health and safety (HSE) law.’

Glenda Rivoallan, Founder, We Talk Wellbeing, says:

‘People are an organisation’s greatest asset – and point of differentiation. However, one in every six organisations are still not doing anything to improve employee well-being. Stress-related absence has increased, mental health conditions have increased in nearly three-fifths of organisations and COVID-19 is now having a drastic affect. By concentrating on better morale and engagement, and a healthier and more inclusive culture, we can improve the quality of working life for the individual and organisational performance for the employer.’

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