Cygnetise selected for the RegTech Analyst RegTech100 list for 2024

Posted: 07/12/2023

Cygnetise has made the seventh edition of the highly regarded RegTech100

Cygnetise has been selected for the seventh annual RegTech Analyst RegTech100 list alongside leading regtech peers like Diligent, CUBE, Fenergo, ION, and Moody’s Analytics. The list showcases the most innovative and disruptive businesses in the regulatory technology space that are seeking to help financial institutions manage the fast-paced changes brought on by ongoing regulatory updates and technological advances.

The selection process for this year’s RegTech100 was the most competitive yet, with a wide and diverse range of companies to choose from. A panel of analysts and industry experts assessed a longlist of nearly 1,400 businesses, which was produced by RegTech Analyst. They sought to highlight the technological solutions every compliance, risk and innovation leader in financial services must be in the know about in 2024.

RegTech Analyst director of research Mariyan Dimitrov said, “With tougher economic climate and the continued rise of AI, financial institutions are re-examining the compliance software’s true cost, namely whether a given RegTech solution truly will free up compliance staff for higher-level tasks and whether the software can scale, adapt, and get implemented efficiently.

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