Deloitte’s latest research findings on Gen AI adoption

Posted: 03/06/2024

Deloitte’s latest research findings on Gen AI adoption shows that over 18 million people in the UK have now used Generative AI (GenAI).

Three quarters (74%) of people who have used GenAI for work claim it boosts their productivity; with one in four (27%) reporting that their employer actively encourages the use of GenAI.”

Simeon Moss, Director of Consulting in the Crown Dependencies says: “Our C-suite guides and trust-worthy AI framework give leaders recommendations on how to drive adoption effectively.

Leaders in Jersey can also attend Deloitte’s AI Powered Productivity event with the IoD on Tuesday 9 July, where we will help businesses establish the right strategy to safely unlock the potential of AI and drive productivity.

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About the research:

*Deloitte’s Digital Consumer Trends is a global survey measuring public perception of digital products and services. Spanning 15 years, our research in this field has tracked the history of smart devices such as phones, tablets and virtual reality headsets, as well as applications, like social media, video streaming, and artificial intelligence.

The 2024 UK edition of Digital Consumer Trends is based on a nationally representative survey of 4,150 UK adults aged 16 to 75 conducted in April 2024. It is part of a global study involving multiple countries.

The calculation of 18 million Generative AI users, and seven million who have used it at work, is based on UK Population Data from the Office of National Statistics, Mid-2022 data, which states a population between 16-75 years of 49,782,790.

*Generative AI or GenAI refers to – Generative Artificial Intelligence

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