Digital Healthcare takes a step forward in Jersey

Posted: 10/01/2023

Airtel-Vodafone work with the Government of Jersey and HCS 24 to complete the rollout of a new Digital Community Alarm System.

Work to upgrade the old analogue community alarm system for vulnerable islanders has now been completed with a new digital system installed in the home of over 1000 islanders by Airtel-Vodafone engineers. The new system offers multiple connectivity options, greater resilience, and additional reassurance to service users.

The Minister for Health and Social Services, Deputy Karen Wilson, said: ‘It’s great news that the upgrade to a digital community alarm system is now complete. Technology is going to play a pivotal role in healthcare in the future and we want to ensure that where appropriate, Islanders feel supported to live confidently with their condition in their own home. This new system will help to do just that by allowing Islanders retain their independence by giving them the ability to call for help easily when they need it.’

Airtel-Vodafone’s project manager Ben Laffoley said: ‘The feedback we have received from service users and healthcare professionals has been very positive. Users are benefitting from enhanced call quality and greater reliability and the new system means that the team at HCS24 can now monitor whether a device is working properly when previously they could not. This gives added reassurance to service users and their families.
The transition to the new system has gone well and we’re excited that new digital devices will be available to Islanders later this year to further support independent living.’

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