Digital Jersey Hosts Cryptocurrency Debate

Posted: 13/08/2014

Digital Jersey will be hosting a panel-led debate involving leading members of Jersey’s digital and finance sectors will take place at the St Helier...

Digital Jersey will be hosting a panel-led debate involving leading members of Jersey’s digital and finance sectors will take place at the St Helier Town Hall on 9th September.

Following the success of Digital Jersey’s first cryptocurrency event in February 2014, this event, entitled ‘Cryptocurrencies: changing the face of finance?’ will provide an opportunity for key stakeholders and members of industry, from the worlds of technology and finance, to debate divergent perspectives regarding the impact of digital currencies. The panel-led discussion will address potential opportunities for the Island and the challenges that come with them.

The interactive debate will be chaired by Vicky Milner, Advocate at Callington Chambers and Chair of Digital Jersey’s Regulation & Legislation TAG. The panel members will include:

Jon Day, COO at Moore Management Limited – Jon is an expert in the field of cryptocurrencies, and will provide a general update and insights on the latest developments in Jersey

Helen Hatton, Managing Director of Sator Regulatory Consulting Limited, former Deputy Director General of the Jersey Financial Services Commission – Helen will offer a perspective on the topic of regulation and use of digital currencies

Will Day, Sustainability Advisor to PwC (London) – Will is going to address the impact of global change and ask ‘is “do nothing” an option for the finance sector?’

Derek Nisbet, Venture Capitalist and Founder of Scotcoin – Derek will explain why he moved from the mainstream financial world into cryptocurrencies, look at opportunities for undeveloped countries and why offshore hubs are required

In addition to the panel members, industry experts will be available to answer questions on specific technical matters (such as coding) that may arise.

Andy Jarrett, Director of Digital Jersey, commented:

“It is essential that we consider and assess the possibilities that are available to us in the context of the ever-changing financial environment. With global interest in fintech increasing every day, we have a responsibility to examine the complex issues that arise in connection with cryptocurrencies and to engage with the local and business communities in this regard. We want to assist Jersey businesses that generate value and promote innovation for the Island, developing expertise in new methods of transacting, while working with our world-class finance industry to ensure the highest regulatory standards continue to be met.”

The event aims to stimulate debate on Jersey’s position on cryptocurrencies, with a view to encouraging sustainable economic growth. The hashtag #DJLCRYPTOCCY14 will be used for the event and those unable to attend will be able to follow the live conversation online and contribute questions, a selection of which will be put to the panel on the day.


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