Digital Jersey Key Sponsors at International Bitcoin Conference

Posted: 12/09/2014

Digital Jersey is the key sponsor at the upcoming 'Inside Bitcoins' event, Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th of September, the leading international confer...

Digital Jersey is the key sponsor at the upcoming ‘Inside Bitcoins’ event, Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th of September, the leading international conference and expo exploring both business opportunities and threats posed by the growth of Cryptocurrencies.

The event is to take place at the Grange St. Pauls Hotel, with attendees from over fifteen countries it is to be one of the largest virtual currency conferences to be held in Europe to date. Exhibitors will include Butterfly Labs,, CoinSimple, Cryptopay, Jumio, meXBT, and Seedcoin.

Government has joined Digital Jersey in supporting this high profile event, with Senator Philip Ozouf (in his capacity as the Minister with responsibility for Financial Services), to give a speech to guests including Jersey’s future vision for Fintech and Cryptocurrency business and a progress update regards the island’s regulator, infrastructure and government policy on doing business in this growing sector. 

Digital Jersey has also arranged for Senator Ozouf to visit Level 39, Europe’s largest technology accelerator space for finance, retail and future cities technology companies. This is where George Osbourne, UK Chancellor of the Exchequer delivered his speech outlining the UK governments’ stance on the regulation of virtual currencies and the ‘positive change’ that Cryptocurrencies can inspire.

Andy Jarrett, Director of Digital Jersey and host of the networking event commented:  

“This incredible conference will be one of the most comprehensive Cryptocurrency conferences to take place in Europe so far. Digital Jersey is thrilled play host to the large number of Bitcoin visionaries and enthusiasts who will be attending ‘Inside Bitcoins’ at our networking event Monday night, which will be a wonderful opportunity to meet key players in the industry and download with each other about the incredible speakers we will have heard during the first day of the conference.”

Senator Philip Ozouf commented:

“I believe that there is great potential for Jersey in fintech and it is important that we engage with those who are at the forefront of this industry. Jersey is able to offer the three key ingredients for success in this area, which are good infrastructure, high standards of regulation and a stable fiscal environment. I am pleased to be speaking at Inside Bitcoins and I shall be working hard to promote the Island at this significant event. I look forward to meeting some of the industry’s leading representatives and discussing the opportunities for Jersey to further its vision of diversifying our finance and technology sectors in a well-regulated, world-class environment.” 


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