Digital Jersey nominated for a Data for Good Award, in partnership with Calligo

Posted: 28/03/2024

Digital Jersey is delighted to be named a finalist in the British Data Awards 2024.

Digital Jersey is delighted to be named a finalist in the British Data Awards 2024. In partnership with Calligo, we were nominated for a Data for Good Initiative of the Year Award, for our work on the LifeCycle data trust project. See below for the full nomination.


Data for Good Initiative of the Year Award Entry: A Triumph in Data Stewardship

Digital Jersey, in collaboration with a consortium of partners and Calligo, nominated as the data hosting and analytics partner, embarked on a groundbreaking initiative to establish the world’s first ‘data trust’ under Jersey Trust Law. This pilot project is part of Digital Jersey’s vision to position the island as a global leader in data stewardship.

This visionary pilot has been made possible through collaborative efforts with key stakeholders. It is co-sponsored by the Jersey Office of the Information Commissioner (JOIC) and undertaken in conjunction with Jersey’s finance industry.  Law firms advised on the structuring of LifeCycle data trust and the trustee is LifeCycle (Trust) Ltd and regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC). Finally, Calligo was appointed by the trustee to create the technology “backbone” for the data trust thanks to their on-island, wholly owned, proprietary cloud and analytics platform, negating the need for the use of the traditional hyperscalers.

In 2023, to validate the data trust concept, cyclists in Jersey were invited by the trustee to collect data through specialized IoT bike light sensors, provided by SeeSense. This initiative would not only test the viability of a trust structure but also generate valuable insights into how to improve Jersey’s cycling network by making the insights available to local organisations such as the Government of Jersey to act on. With over 600 local cyclists enlisted, the project has garnered significant support from local cyclists committed to improving cycling conditions.

From the outset, Digital Jersey identified that a robust data and analytics platform to host the trust’s data was a critical requirement for success. Calligo proposed a comprehensive solution, leveraging its own on-island IaaS platform, CloudCore. The proposed virtual datacenter includes three key components: a public-facing web server for the signup form and data transfer, a data preparation server for processing source data and an analytics server for visualization and analysis for users requiring access to the platform for future analytics. 

Calligo’s solution incorporates advanced security measures, including a firewall for secure remote access, an SFTP site with stringent access controls, and encryption protocols to safeguard data integrity. The managed service provided by Calligo encompasses ongoing maintenance, patching, antivirus management, and backup procedures for sustained reliability. Calligo’s role in hosting and managing the data was instrumental in bringing the project to fruition.

This initiative has already yielded significant impact, with over 100,000 kilometers of cycling data collected from the engaged cycling community. Beyond the immediate benefits for cycling safety in Jersey, the success of this pilot positions the island as a global hub for pioneering data trust structures.

Calligo’s innovative solution and unwavering support have been indispensable in transforming the concept of a data trust into a tangible reality. Their provision of a secure, scalable, and well-managed infrastructure underscores their commitment to advancing the field of data stewardship. As pioneers in this transformative project, Calligo is contributing to the establishment of a new standard for secure data management, showcasing their expertise and leadership in the realm of data for good.


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