Digital Jersey supports the launch of JT's cutting-edge wireless network to enable Jersey as a smart island

Posted: 05/01/2017

  JT, in partnership with Digital Jersey, is now building the Island’s first Long-Range (LoRa) Wide Area Network, which allows devices to ...


JT, in partnership with Digital Jersey, is now building the Island’s first Long-Range (LoRa) Wide Area Network, which allows devices to access the internet without using 3G/4G or Wi-Fi. It means that Islanders will be among the first people in the world to experience – and benefit from – the next generation of internet technology.

JT is already a global leader in the Internet of Things (IoT) with over one million JT SIM cards connecting devices worldwide, from heart monitors in Canada to payment systems in West Africa.  It has been working closely with Digital Jersey to develop plans for a smart island where other companies interested in IoT technology will be able to use Jersey’s LoRa network as a test bed for their own products and services

The technology used in a LoRa network is designed to connect low-cost, battery-operated sensors over long distances in environments that were previously too challenging or expensive to connect. Potential examples of a LoRa network include:By connecting data from sensors monitoring traffic congestion feeds or pedestrian footfall counts, a dynamic ‘safer journey’ planner could be created for Jersey.

Sensors recording temperature, air quality and humidity could give asthma sufferers greater knowledge of their environment, allowing them to better prepare for the day and manage their symptoms.

Tom Noel, Managing Director of JT Wholesale, said: “LoRa is a relatively new technology but its potential in the IoT space is already considerable. IoT will fundamentally change how we live, work and do business. By building this network, and taking an open, collaborative approach, with Digital Jersey and others, we truly explore the potential of a LoRa network, and ultimately help our customers to engage with this exciting new world of IoT technologies.”

Tony Moretta, CEO of Digital Jersey, said;

 “By working closely with JT, as well as the other members of our Test Bed group including Government and the utility companies, we can investigate the great potential of the Internet of Things to both improve life in Jersey and grow our digital economy.  As a small country, where we can get all the key players around the table working together, we should be able to take a lead and create a smart island to attract technology developers, encourage new start-ups and ultimately create new businesses and jobs.  JT’s strengths in this area are a real asset for Jersey and their support is invaluable.”


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