Digital Jersey Welcome Three New Team Members

Posted: 06/10/2015

Digital Jersey welcomes three new staff as it prepares for the next phase of its business objectives. The new team members will support recently arriv...

Digital Jersey welcomes three new staff as it prepares for the next phase of its business objectives. The new team members will support recently arrived CEO, Tony Moretta, as he leads the organisation to develop Jersey as a recognised digital jurisdiction.

Specifically, the new staff will fill roles that focus on developing the 3 workstreams- Business Development, Skills Availability + Development and the Ecosystem.

Gwyn Garfield-Bennett, Head of Marketing and Communications

Gwyn is a highly experienced media professional, having worked for UK national TV, including for ITN and BBC in London and Jersey, newspapers, magazines and in PR. She founded Jersey Coders, a teenage coding club, where she mentored Team Hydra, an all-female coding team which reached the semi-finals of the global Technovation Challenge. Gwyn is also developing her own digital skills by continuing to study coding through Digital Jersey’s coding programme. In her new role as a key member of the management team, Gwyn will be responsible for building on the ongoing dialogue to raise awareness within the digital and wider communities and to ensure Digital Jersey’s message is well communicated.

Chris Knight, Development Officer 

Chris has implemented successful sales campaigns and managed complex data solutions for high profile financial clients at Jersey Post, he specialises in marketing and business development.  Chris will be responsible for ensuring the organisation works alongside industry and government to implement digital strategies. He also brings with him considerable cross-sector experience having managed projects and relationships for the States of Jersey including cyber security and the Channel Islands Regulatory Authority.

Jessica Draisey, Events Membership Officer 

Jessica has previous experience in marketing and journalism and will assist with ensuring a high standard of events to suit industry needs. She will help with communications to ensure Digital Jersey has a strong presence among the public and media. Jessica’s appointment is in line with Digital Jersey’s industry objectives, which include developing a raft of educational and skills initiatives to attract graduates back to the Island and to nurture local talent. 

Tony Moretta, CEO at Digital Jersey, commented:

“I look forward to welcoming our three new team members to Digital Jersey, noting I am still somewhat new myself! This is an exciting phase for Digital Jersey as we build on some firm achievements and support a growing and thriving digital sector in the island.  I am confident that our new team members will provide a valuable contribution in our ongoing work as we grow the digital economy in Jersey.”

Gwyn Garfield-Bennett, commented:

“I have been working with Digital Jersey for two years now, as the organisation supports Jersey Coders, so I’m excited to be able to use my PR and marketing skills to help Digital Jersey to further our Island’s digital ambitions. Digital isn’t just the future, it is now. We must embrace this to ensure our Island has a place in the global digital economy.”

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