Digital projects exceed expectations at Les Quennevais School

Posted: 17/10/2022

A vlog presentation on Jersey’s dolmens, drone footage of the island’s heritage sites and a stop motion film were among the 200 projects produced by Year 7 students over the summer break.

For over five years, JT has partnered with the school to support its new intake and every summer the school sets its new pupils a task to complete over the holidays. The students, all aged between 10 and 11, must produce a piece of work inspired by the lessons they were taught during their transition taster days in their last term at primary school.

This year’s theme was ‘Our Island Home’ and the introduction of a new award for best use of digital technology, sponsored by JT, inspired many to take their project to another level. The students used a wide range of technology including digital photography, coding, animation and videos to present their work. The projects were judged in each subject category and the winner for the ‘Best use of Digital Technology’ was Mia Le Marquand, whose Lego stop motion video wowed the judges from JT. Just over a quarter of the presentations made this year were digital, up from 10% in previous years.

Pip Carpenter, JT’s Head of Commercial Market, said: “We have been supporting the Year 7 transition process for several years and have been blown away by the standard achieved this year, it made selecting the best project much harder than usual. I particularly liked the way that so many of the students brought their work to life using digital technology to explain their findings. One pupil produced a video of herself painting a beautiful piece of artwork. The attention to detail and ingenuity of all the projects was exceptional. Having good digital skills is essential in today’s world, and more so for these students who are tomorrow’s leaders. That’s why it’s so important for us to support the next generation as they begin this part of their learning journey, helping them to gather the skills they will need to succeed.”

Pete Jones Assistant Headteacher at Les Quennevais School, added: “This year’s Transition Project is by far our best yet with our most consistent level of work. There was certainly an increase in digital projects, largely due to JT’s support of our Transition Days and students’ ability to harness digital technology from a younger age. It was lovely to also see students use digital technology alongside their physical projects via QR links to videos that showed how their work was made or to complement their project. I can only see the number of digital projects increasing going forward and we are very grateful of JT’s ongoing support of our students’ transition experience into Les Quennevais School.”

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