Elian launches ground breaking client due diligence app with support from Prosperity 24.7

Posted: 02/12/2014

Elian has launched a ground breaking app that provides a paperless alternative to certified true copies for individual client due diligence (CDD) purp...

Elian has launched a ground breaking app that provides a paperless alternative to certified true copies for individual client due diligence (CDD) purposes with support from Prosperity 24.7.

The app, called ID Check, is one of two services being launched by Elian Due Diligence Services this week – the aim of both services is to provide regulated firms with a suite of solutions, which will enable them to cost effectively and efficiently satisfy the increasingly demanding regulatory environment.

The first of its kind, ID Check, which has already been adopted by Elian across all of its service lines, simplifies the process for submission of personal CDD information. Using the ID Check app from a phone or tablet, any individual client can now submit their identity information to Elian in just five minutes, from anywhere and at anytime.

For more details on the ID Check and Client Check services, including a short video presentation, please click here.

Firms taking up the ID Check service will, within days, be able to offer their individual clients a secure and paperless channel for the submission of identity information, via an app wrapped in their own brand. Behind the scenes, Elian Due Diligence Services will then apply a range of e-verification methods and provide a comprehensive, single-page verification report to the firm to satisfy applicable AML requirements.

Dan Le Blancq, director of Elian Due Diligence Services, said: ‘ID Check is a first of its kind innovation with the potential to revolutionise the way regulated firms collect identity information from their clients. ID Check has already had a massive impact in our own regulated service lines and is available across our global network of offices. Our clients now have a frustration-free, contemporary way to get their CDD to us in minutes, not days. Our back-office process is more efficient and our compliance teams are freed-up to focus on more productive areas. We hope many other regulated firms will see the value of ID Check and contact us for a free trial.’

The second service being launched by Elian Due Diligence Services, Client Check, is a comprehensive collection, processing and client due diligence storage solution, which will complement the ID Check app. All client types are covered, including individuals, partnerships, private companies, listed entities, public institutions and pension schemes. The full CDD lifecycle is also supported: from the initial collection of client information; through risk assessment, compliance assessment, 4-eyes review and processing; to secure e-storage and retrieval.

As with ID Check, Elian Due Diligence Services has incorporated the latest technology into Client Check, making the service accessible to their clients’ employees via a secure online portal, from anywhere and at any time.

‘At Elian we want to set standards by challenging standard practice and ID Check and Client Check do exactly that,’ added Elian’s Chief Operating Officer, Simon Willing. ‘We re-invest 20% of our profits into our systems and infrastructure every year to enable us to provide the highest levels of client service. We are therefore exceptionally proud that the team at Elian Due Diligence Services has developed both of these products in-house. They’re already proving very beneficial to our business and we believe that other firms will benefit too.’

Client Check and ID Check are aimed at any business operating in regulated legal or financial services markets, where strict anti-money laundering rules apply. They are stand-alone services that can be used together to offer a complete solution or as separate services depending on a firm’s needs.

Prosperity 24.7 are very proud to have supported Elian in the innovative delivery of online Due diligence services. Mark Stephenson, Senior Consultant stated “the solution leverages the very best in secure, online Cloud services whilst integrating data seamlessly from an end users mobile device. The project has been incredibly agile in nature and it is excellent to see Elian adopting modern technologies to deliver value and innovation to their clients as swiftly as they have”.

For further information on Elian’s innovative Client Due Diligence services – http://www.elian.com/services/due-diligence-services/  

To watch the video that demonstrates the elegance and intuitive design of the application – http://www.elian.com/services/due-diligence-services/id-check/

If you would like to download the application, it is available on Windows Mobile, IoS and Android – it can be found by looking for ‘CDDquick’.

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