ESH becomes the first official Temenos sub-contractor in the Channel Islands

Posted: 22/07/2022

ESH has a team of qualified Temenos Technical Consultants in both Jersey and Guernsey.

ESH, a pan-channel Island Digital Technology company founded in 2017 is proud to be working with Temenos, a company that drives banking innovation and offers a portfolio of leading banking software, tools and support.

Temenos supplies products ranging from its T24 Core Banking solution for Retail Banking, Private Banking and Wealth Management to Close of Business Management, Application Support, Market Analysis and an External Interface Function.

The Temenos Payment Hub supports traditional and real-time payments that can be customised for both international and local payment methods, whereas the Portfolio Administration function automates investment decisions and carries out activities on behalf of vested individuals or institutions.

ESH has Certified Technical Consultants and Project Managers based in both Jersey and Guernsey with relevant experience that can work alongside in-house teams taking responsibility for project delivery from the early stages of the project life cycle through to the end of the implementation.
In addition, through the Innovation Lab there are experts with research and development plug and play accelerator tools like Report Builder with built-in JFSC, Guernsey and Isle of Man regulatory report extractors to support business and operation teams.

To find out more and to book an appointment please email [email protected] or call Sunil on 07829 803516

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