Events will demystify the cloud for Channel Island businesses

Posted: 07/05/2019

The Channel Islands need to keep up with the rest of the world when it comes to businesses adopting cloud computing, according to James Russell, Head of C5 Alliance’s Cloud Service.

He said: “Digital transformation is essential for Channel Island businesses and cloud technology is changing the way businesses operate. Organisations that are not embracing the latest technology will lose out against their competitors.”

“With real-time access to data and intelligent new ways of viewing, analysing and using information, the cloud has created powerful capabilities that disrupt outmoded business models.”

C5 Alliance is hosting an event to help businesses tackle digital transformation.

This will see the launch of the firm’s new local cloud platform, Island Cloud, which has been designed to suit the needs of Channel Island businesses whether they require their data to reside within the jurisdiction, to meet data sovereignty requirements, or to take full advantage of what the public cloud can offer. Designed using the latest best-in-class technology and a multi-layered security solution with-end-to-end encryption ensures optimal performance, availability and protection.

The event, which is in partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Rubrik, will provide an introduction to the role of cloud technology. Experts will also advise on the ‘right mix’ of cloud technologies and data management and protection.

Mr Russell said: “Deciding on the right cloud strategy to accelerate your digital transformation can be a challenge. By using data driven insights, our event will explore how the right cloud technologies can meet the requirements of any business.”

The Guernsey presentation will be held at the Duke of Richmond Hotel on Wednesday 15 May at 12-1.30pm. In Jersey the event will be on Thursday 16 May from 8-9.30am at the Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel.

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