Exploring the compatibility of GDPR and Blockchain [white paper]

Posted: 25/10/2018

Beyond Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, blockchain is at the heart of many enterprise projects to provide transparency and ensure decentralised transactions. However, after GDPR came into effect, the nature of the technology has been called into question. Millions of pounds have been invested, yet blockchain seems to be fundamentally incompatible with GDPR.

So, can blockchain and GDPR co-exist? And if so, how?

This white paper, produced in collaboration with Fintech journalist Bird Lovegod, is designed to explore the topic and includes comments and thoughts from a wide range of experts from Nick Vermeulen from PwC Channel Islands, Miro Pikus from NKB Group and others, and proposes possible solutions that anyone working with blockchain might want to consider.

To download the white paper, visit this page, or if you’d like to contribute for the next update, please email us at [email protected].

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