Feeling Lucky.je? New App to help find CI Christmas Lottery Winners!

Posted: 13/12/2022

Blue Llama are proud to launch Lucky.je – a web app designed to help Islanders check if they have won the Channel Islands Christmas Lottery!

Get Lucky: Introducing Blue Llama’s Channel Island Christmas Lottery Checking App

We’re swiftly approaching the most magical time of the year and, with that, comes the annual Channel Islands Christmas lottery!

This inaugural event is one that gets us all a little excited, as we all come together to raise money for local charities and, of course, dream about winning a potentially life-changing jackpot. Let’s face it, we could all do with a little luck this year!

The Blue Llama team always buy a good few tickets, but we have to admit that we have a little grumble when it’s time to check them. The whole process can be so time-consuming, especially when you want to double and triple check your ticket in the hope that you’ve won.
So, as is often the case at Blue Llama, our minds started whirring and thinking about how there must be a better way.

Meet Lucky.je
Lucky.je is our super simple and totally free website, designed to help you check your Channel Island Christmas Lottery tickets with ease.
There’s no need to download an app. Simply visit the lucky.je website on your mobile device, give it permission to access your camera, and you’re off! The web app uses your device’s camera to scan your ticket, compare it against the winning numbers and let you know if you have a winning ticket, all in real time. Quick, easy, error-proof. And free!

We think we’re onto a winner, and the Channel Island Christmas Lottery team agrees. “We welcome an independent organisation developing an App to help CI Lottery players identify winning numbers!” Jon Taylor, Senior Lottery Officer.

Save Time With Our Channel Island Lottery Checking App
As you know, for the Channel Island lottery we need to check each lottery number (two per card) against 67 winning numbers. We think it probably takes an average of 30 seconds to check each ticket properly, if you’re doing it the old fashioned way. It doesn’t sound like much. But there are 1.2 million tickets on sale this year. That adds up to a lot of ticket checking! All with that possibility for error.

With Blue Llama’s Lucky web app, that average of 30 seconds is reduced right down to three. If all 1.2 million tickets are sold, our web app could potentially save islanders 10,000 hours! Just think of the extra festive merriment we could all fit in!

Why Make A Channel Island Lottery Checking App?
I know what you’re thinking. ‘Why bother making a Channel Island Lottery checking app? It’s free, so what’s in it for you?’
At Blue Llama, we’re all about making digital simple. It’s our passion. It’s what gets us up in the mornings – it’s what keeps us out of trouble! And we’re proud islanders, too. So anything we can do to help the community, we’re always there, raising our eager little hands like the kid in class who’s dying to share their idea. Whether it’s serving the community through our partnership with the Island’s parishes, or helping a local florist to deliver smiles island wide, we’re committed to making sure all Islanders thrive in our increasingly digital world.

Just think of Lucky.je as Blue Llama’s little Christmas present to the Islands.

The Channel Island Lottery Lowdown
The jackpot is guaranteed at a minimum of £300,000 but the amount rises as ticket sales increase. Last year, the grand prize reached over £630,000 but previous winners have claimed more than £1 million. There are 1.2 million tickets for sale this year, so get buying!
And if you live in Jersey, you may well fancy your chances this year because the jackpot has been won by Guernsey tickets for the last four years in a row. Surely time for a change?!

Draw Date

The draw takes place at 6.20pm on 20th December, at which time the app will go live for everyone to use. Wishing you all the best of luck!

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