Posted: 14/01/2021

Every man, woman and child in Jersey is to get access to free digital skills training, thanks to a new initiative from Digital Jersey.

More than 100 teachers in the island were among the first to ‘beta test’ the system, allowing them to develop their own digital skills which are an increasingly important aspect of teaching. After a successful trial, in co-operation with Skills Jersey, the learning platform will now be released to the public, offering bespoke training that can be done at a pace to suit the individual needs of each user.

Learners earn digital skills ‘badges’ to keep a track of their skills development and will be offered automated advice on potential future career options where those skills are in demand, as well as signposting to other places of support, including Jersey Business.

Digital Jersey CEO Tony Moretta said: “We are delighted that Government has placed digital skills and upskilling the current and future workforce at the heart of its agenda and being able to put our new system live to the island is a natural next step in our effort to help anybody and everybody who wants to equip themselves with digital skills. Whether it’s about being even more productive or skilled in a current job or thinking about the road ahead and learning something new to make that career move happen, I hope as many people in Jersey as possible make use of this new free resource.”

News that so many teachers have already enrolled to road test the platform is being welcomed by those working to encourage digital skills adoption.

David Roworth, Senior Advisor for Digital and Innovation at Skills Jersey, said: “We presented this soft launch of the site to the island’s schools only last week and to see the enthusiasm for it, and the immediate uptake, is heartening and a sign of how seriously our academics take digital skills.”

Rory Steel, Head of the Digital Jersey Academy, said: “We’ve drawn on a range of talents in the island, including local EdTech guru Adam Grocott from Grainville School to make this happen. He’s a Microsoft Innovative Education, Expert and Fellow who has a wealth of knowledge to share with his education peers and, soon, with the whole island. We’re working hard to foster a ‘digital first’ mindset, and this platform represents that brilliantly.”

Details of when all islanders can gain access to the site will be announced in the coming weeks, in the hope that – eventually – thousands of people will use the resource for their own skills development.

Courses and modules cover a range of areas, ranging from understanding emerging technologies, to how to get the most out of home wifi, connect your smart speaker to your home lighting system or even your coffee machine.

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