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Posted: 18/05/2021

How’s that podcast going? Is your search engine optimisation up to speed? Are you clear on the difference between HTML and JavaScript?

Article published by Channel Eye 17.05.21

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You may have heard of the skills gap. That’s the gap between the skills that exist in a workforce and the skills that employers want. That skills gap, to varying extents, exists in all jurisdictions, but Jersey has gone one step further to drill down specifically into our digital skills gap in the island, as part of a grand plan to improve all Islanders digital skills, to increase employability and productivity.

But, along side that, there’s a plan to upskill or reskills anybody and everybody in the current workforce who wants to equip themselves with those key skills as well.

“What a great deal! If your skills aren’t a match for the many digital job vacancies that are advertised in Jersey, then you’re missing a trick,” said Tony Moretta, the Chief Executive of Digital Jersey. “This is your chance to upskill for free, and put yourself in prime position for roles which come with attractive salaries and other benefits packages, but also position you in a sector which is ambitious for growth and success.”

Digital Jersey is at the forefront of this work and has just gone live a new timetable of courses, which are available both online and face-to-face and are free of charge to undertake.

It’s as a result of funding from the government’s Fiscal Stimulus Fund which is being used to pump essential money into projects considered critical to the next stage of Jersey’s recovery from the economic effects of the pandemic.

And, given upskilling and a recognition of digital skills was already a plank of the government’s action plan, meaning this move right now makes simple sense.

“Jersey has the advantage of being nimble, agile and able to act and adapt fast, as we’ve seen again and again during the pandemic,” said Rory Steel, Head of the Digital Jersey Academy. “While businesses have pivoted to digital, whether that’s a hospitality venue offering online ordering, or an office-based firm equipping its workforce with the ability to work from home, that ingenuity is on display everywhere. What I am delighted to be able to do is gather a team of industry experts to deliver a programme of training to help people thrive in their own digital careers.”

And the courses cover a wide range of areas, from the ‘softer’ and creative skills required by businesses in the digital sector through to those you may instantly associate with the world of technology.

They include digital marketing, Photoshop, presentation training, artificial intelligence, social media, cyber security, WordPress, data science, and digital transformation.

“I would really urge anybody thinking about their own career trajectory to take a look at our courses. It may not be about a career change or sudden change of role, more simply boosting your skills within your existing workplace which could make you even more attractive to your employer,” added Tony. “But, at the same time, if you already have one eye on the many opportunities that exist here in Jersey you will see the shift in action. There are simply more employers looking for more people with digital skills than ever before, and I only expect that to increase in the months and years to come. Get browsing our free course collection.”

Thousands of people already work within Jersey’s growing digital sector, with average earnings in the industry higher than the overall average wage.

If ever there was a time to make use of a free offer that is a win-win for both the employer and the employee it is right now!

We’ll leave the last word to Digital Jersey’s Tony Moretta: “Imagine Jersey being one of the most digitally-advanced, digitally-connected and digitally-skilled places on the planet. Imagine having a job where you’re so up to speed with what’s going on that you, personally, are in demand from the growing number of digital businesses starting up in or relocating to Jersey. The starting point of that opportunity is one heck of a free offer: free training right now. Don’t miss out.”

You can see the full schedule of courses here:
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